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oj1Tantra is an awareness practice that brings us to the totality of our being, because it includes our sexuality by its very nature, incorporating the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

I am a Certified Tantric Practitioner and Educator in Vancouver, BC and have over 15 years of professional training and in-depth experience. I have studied with some fantastic tantra teachers over the years. I am just finishing my certification as a Somatic SexologistI love what I do and that is evident in everything I offer. That’s what seekers appreciate most about working with me – I not only know what I am talking about but also have a real passion for all aspects of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

I am a muse to inspire deep connection to yourself, your desires, and your capacity for feeling. Sensuality-fully feeling all of the tantalizing senses-is an excellent way to awaken to the present moment and be fully alive.

:: The Art of Tantra & Tao ::

My sacred intimacy practices are drawn from an ancient sciences known as Tantra & Tao, whose spiritual disciplines work directly with sensual energy. Enjoy the pleasure of discovery with a beautiful woman who understands intimacy secrets to heighten pleasure and unlock the feeling energies of the heart. You will get real-time, individual attention and feedback in an intimate setting.

During our transformational journey, you will have the opportunity to:

  •  Learn what women want from a Goddess who knows.
  •  Master techniques to give your partner greater pleasure.
  •  Expand pleasure in your body.
  •  Enhance stamina and ejaculation control.
  •  Discover what blocks sexual energy and what ignites it.
  •  Learn sacred intimacy practices like Tantra and Kama Sutra.

I welcome you into my pristine, retreat-like temple space to escape into a moment held just for you.

So take a journey around the site and find out more about me, my services and my session FAQs and then allow me to guide you into a state of blissful relaxation with a massage experience like no other.

I look forward to meeting you soon! When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting…

With Love,


Tantric Massage Men

My work is sensual and relaxing and an embodiment of my studies in Tantra; Tantric massage is meditative, energy-building and focused on the internal cultivation of one’s internal sexual life force energy. I also desire to bring your attention more deeply into your body, to really FEEL.

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Tantra for Women

Tantra and tantric massage empowers women of all ages, single or in a relationship, who want to explore tantra as path of self-empowerment. The goal of these sessions are to facilitate healing, sexual awakening, self-awareness, expansion, empowerment, liberation,

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Tantra for Couples

The art of conscious loving and sacred sex is a beautiful way to connect with your partner on all levels— spiritually, emotionally and physically—to build more intimacy and closeness into your relationship.

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Work with Me

Tantric awakening for individuals can be anything from a single Tantra session to a deep continuous process of sexual transformation


“Sexuality is an expression of the moving force that underlies everything & gives it life” ~ Starhawk


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