Dark Tantra - Sacred BDSM

(F.B.D.S.M = full body domination/submission sensual massage)

An erotic journey, an ecstatic exploration of the senses comprised of light bondage, sensory deprivation, erotic massage and sensation play. It’s a mind altering experience to awaken your senses. You’ll discover yourself dripping with desire as you explore the softer side of sensual dominance.

This is a specialty session granted by my discretion to those who would like to explore deeper into their own desires in a Tantric context.  I am open to hearing your fantasies and desires and exploring what brings you pleasure. I enjoy exploring my dominant side and allowing you to experience your own receptive feminine nature. All of this is done with a Tantric healing intention and facilitates the integration of all of our desires and “darker sides”.

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life,the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions. ~ Dr. Carl G. Jung

Play with me in a special realm of experimental sensation-play techniques, embracing power-exchange, breaking taboo, exploring the subconscious mind by exploring fantasies, fetishes, and role-play. Dark Tantra thoughtfully embraces the Sacred and returns, moment after moment, to deep breathing and eye-gazing which co-creates the conscious connection between us.

The sessions can incorporate light bondage, sensation play (from light to not-so-light), sensory deprivation, erotic hypnosis, sacred spot & strap-on toys, tease and denial, CBT, breath play, and goddess worship.

Darkness here means rich, just beyond the edges of our known self.  It’s about diving into this play to expand who you are.  I bring the understanding to all our play that these explorations are great for total true wellness and happiness. As a lifelong student of psychology,  I have a great appreciation of role-play and a true talent for it.

Bringing the Tantric practices of sensual breath-work, wakefulness, and ritual into this play gives dark tantra a deeper sensuality and resonance, as well as supporting an intimate, kind environment, even in the most intense play.

Some of what we can explore in this session includes but is not limited to:

  • light bondage
  • nipple play
  • gentle to severe CBT
  • gentle to severe spanking
  • slapping and/or spitting
  • tickling
  • gentle to severe impact play (crops, floggers, canes)
  • tease and denial
  • role play
  • Fetishes: Foot & Leg, Shoes, Boots, Stockings, Pantyhose
  • rosebud/prostate play (90-minute minimum)
  • male vibrators/pleasure wands (90-minute minimum)
  • strap-on play can be incorporated into a session at my discretion

AT THE BEGINNING of our session we will spend a few moments exploring exactly what your interests and preferences are so I can customize a session that will blend all your favorites. We will also establish intentions, roles and safe words. It is my commitment that you enjoy yourself and feel safe to express and explore.

For this session, I need to know the details of your fantasy. What I enjoy the MOST is knowing that what I’m doing is immensely pleasurable for you; I am not OBJECTIVELY turned on by fantasy unless we co-create it. We can create a scenario together, over the phone (briefly), by email, and during the first half hour of the session, so we can fully surrender to the role-play. We can learn a lot about ourselves through exploring parts of our psyche’s that we usually hide – let me help you uncover yourself.

*I do NOT do hardcore humiliation sessions and all fantasies are based in mutual-respect.

Dark Tantra Fantasy Exploration
1.5 hours $375
2 hours $500 (preferred first session)
3 hours $750

To book a session visit my booking page for more information and fill out my session request to schedule your personalized private session.