Sacred Tantra Massage Vancouver

Tantric Massage in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton

Tantra Massage sessions available in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and other cities in Canada  in 2014 and will be available for sessions. Please note my session rate is different for Travel and reflects the cost of travel and hotel suites. I will be staying in the Financial District in Toronto.  I am offering 1.5 hours and longer sessions.

Toronto – June 13, 16-18, 2014 (pre booking required)
Calgary – June 20, 23-25, 2014 (pre booking required)

I take limited session per day so please book ahead as I only have some much energy and strive to give the best of myself in my sessions.

Book a Tantra Session

50% Deposit required to ensure your bookings over 4 hours in duration.
To schedule a session please go to my booking page

Tantric Massage & Bodywork, Sexual Mastery, Erotic Taoist Massage

Do you desire a delicious and restorative experience to delve into your sensuality; to both uplift your body and heighten its ecstatic senses, and to completely melt into heavenly relaxation? Well, my friend, that’s what my work is all about. My offerings are based in 6 years as a Tantric practitioner, combined with studying the best of therapeutic massage modalities – including Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Swedish & Lomi Lomi. Thus my work is a full body-to-body romp in deliciousness, building and teasing every crevice with sensual stimulation.


  • Guided Sensual Meditation
  • Perineum Breathing
  • Tantric & Taoist Internal Sexual Energy Cultivation Practices
  • Full Body to Body Rub Down
  • ‘Sacred Spot’ Massage
  • Entire Body Erogenous Zones Play
  • Spine-tingling Sensual Stimulation with many tools
  • Warm Oil
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Riding your edge, keeping you on your edge to crest the wave and LAUNCH!

Yes my work is sexy and relaxing, but it is also an embodiment of my studies in Tantra; thus, my work is meditative, relaxing, energy-building, and focused on internal cultivation of ones internal sexual life force energy. Not only do I desire to bring you to your edge several times, many times, before you launch ~ I also desire to bring your attention more deeply into your body, to really FEEL.

I tend to be of the belief that longer is better, and that’s why I don’t offer hour sessions. A Tantric session should be 2 hours at least – 3 hours for full effect; there should be no rush – the goal is to melt into timelessness. Bliss cannot be hurried. Bliss must be savored. And bliss also takes time to ease into; it requires a slow relaxing into…. It is like dipping your toes into the ocean; only after a few hours of bathing in warm tropical waters are you relaxed enough to fully embrace the juicy sensuality of the ocean licking and caressing your entire body.

That’s what my work is about; caressing your entire body. Your entire body is an erogenous zone, and thus I am not focused on only one region; but rather stimulating the entire body… Literally, head to toe – I will sensually tease and excite many regions of your body, with many tools, toys and techniques. Everything from kisses and licks, to ice cold water, to sensual oils, to feathers and finger nails.

Once you enter my chamber, you are gently coaxed into total submersion into full body sensuality. The session boils down to mindfulness; a practice of sensual meditation – bringing total awareness into the body, the breath, the sensations of the body, being conscious with ones mindful awareness.

At the core of my work is the breath. I guide every client into mindful, focused breathing – combined with perineum breathing practices. This is the core bedrock from which all other aspects of my work take place. The breath keeps our attention internally focused, staying connected to the internal energetic experience of the body.

The goal of my work is to bring you to a peak state of ecstasy through building and building energy in your body, and helping you move that energy through with the breath. Most people settle for the first rung of ecstasy and let go there – but it’s only the first floor. But in order to get to the higher rungs, you must go longer, deeper and with more focus. And with my work, the breath is the grounding rod – it keeps the mind focused and consciously attuned to the physical & sensual experience

Private sessions are on a sliding scale with donation at the clients discretion, depending on your income and value received.

$350 – $500 for 1.5 hour
$450 – $600 for 2 hour
$550 –  $750 for 2.5 hour
$650 – $800 for 3 hour

Other sessions are available please contact me for more information about rates and options available.

Advanced sessions available

Double Goddess
Goddess Worship
Tantra Intensive

Before contacting me…

Please have a clear intention for what you would like to experience.

To book a session visit my booking page for more information and fill out my session request to schedule your personalized private session. Please make sure you read my etiquette page.

Are you interesting in learning more about tantra and what it can do for you. Learn ejaculation mastery,  become multi orgasmic or learn what women really want from a man. I can help you find the way, all of my topic in my workshops are available for private intimacy and sex coaching.

Traveling to you...

I travel to Toronto and other city on a regular basis. If you are interested in knowing my travel plans in advance please include your information and I will email you when I am making a trip to the east coast and beyond. Places that I entertaining traveling to, London, England early spring 2013.Namaste, Olivia Jade
  • Please include date, time for a few time slots that may work for you. 10am to 7pm.