Here included are some kind words from clients who have agreed to the posting of their letters of appreciation.

I wish to thank those whose stories have inspired me. I think you for your kindness and all of the beautiful moments I hold in my heart.  Olivia

Self-confidence is key to many aspects of one’s life.  It should be a simple thing to have, but that is not always the case.  Self Confidence also manifests itself into our sexual life, and a lack of sexual self-confidence can be a major impediment to one’s overall life.  Through our work together, over the past two year,  I have finally achieved what I feel to be a true level of self-confidence and during our last session together that new level of confidence was never more apparent.  It is now part of my work, social and sexual life.  You are an amazing teacher, and I am fortunate to have found you.  You have changed my life at the very core.   Thank you…K
May 2013, Vancouver, Canada 

“Olivia, I just wanted to write you and thank you for the fantastic session we had the other day. While it has been 3 years since my last session with you I was so pleased to find that your level of attention to detail, warmth and welcoming aura had not diminished over the years and in fact were stronger.  You bring such a wonderful opportunity for learning and growth by sharing practices such as breathing techniques and focusing ones energy that truly enhance ones experience in so many ways.  The opportunities you provide for growth in the realm of our individual sexuality is only limited by our willingness to learn from you. My only regret was that the 3 hours went by too quickly. ”
Until next time, Steve
May 2013, Vancouver, Canada

“I highly recommend Olivia Jade if you want to add fire to your practice and learn Tantra’s hidden secrets! This woman is amazing and just as gorgeous inside as she is on the outside! She has taught me so much about embodying and harnessing and controlling my sexual energy. She offers sessions and classes to men, women and couples in Canada but she also travels internationally. Ladies and gentlemen you want to learn what this powerful Dakini has to offer! I LOVE you Olivia! Thank you for everything you have taught me!!”
Ava, New York
April 2013

We had the pleasure of attending Olivia’s 4 session Tantra workshop last year and it really was a life changer. Actually more of a sex life changer! We learned so much from each session and felt that we brought a whole new element to our sex life. Olivia clearly explained the philosophies and techniques of tantra and opened our eyes to a whole new world of sensual fun. Learning to slow down and enjoy the moment really allowed us to open ourselves up to new sensations and experiences. We look forward to learning more and continuing down the path that Olivia opened up for us. If you have a chance to attend one of her sessions, then do it! You won’t regret it!

Pat and Karla, Whistler
March 2013

Olivia is an amazing Goddess , her gently welcoming approach makes you feel safe and heart connected before she starts her magical strokes on your body.
With gentle teasing strokes , she know just were and how to touch and  take you into blissful surrender.
I have not expereinced  the level of multiple orgasms since I  was in my 30’s ( 60 now) After time with her today , I feel rejuvenated and sexy like I use to 30 years ago.
She is very professional and a session with her is the honoring of our own devine sacred sexuallity .
Thank you Oliva – the juices flow and the heart opens. Wendy, Vancouver July 2012

How nice to meet you today.  You are a beautiful soul and a sublime woman.
What a phenomenal  experience, hopefully just the first of many.
I hope to see you again soon,
Namaste, W, Vancouver May 2012

My first session with Olivia Jade was in June 2012. I had never had any previous experience with a Tantra provider and was nervous and not sure what to expect during the session.

Upon my arrival, Olivia sensed my nervousness and very quickly put me at ease, not just with an amazing hug, but more with her ability to sense and read a situation almost instantly. To say she is intuitive is an understatement! We spent a few minutes talking to get acquainted and discuss any problems I was having and what I was hoping to achieve during our time together. Olivia is a wonderfully warm and beautiful person who generously shared her affection, from gorgeous smiles to warm touches, during our initial conversation.  In a few short minutes, she engendered strong feelings of trust and dispelled my nervousness completely.
After our initial conversation, she suggested we go upstairs to her studio. She left me to disrobe and change into a sarong. She re-joined me and embraced me very warmly and asked me to relax and lie down on the massage table. For the next hour I was treated to incredibly good body work. Olivia has a wonderful touch and an innate ability to find and release all those tense spots. Her body work is highly effective and not the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, it is extremely pleasurable! She also made me aware of the movement of energy throughout my body, something to which I was previously unaware. Olivia is an intelligent and very well versed person and our conversation during our session was very informative and a true pleasure.

Once Olivia was satisfied that I was sufficiently relaxed, our session became much more intimate. She brought me very close to orgasm several times, each time helping me to delay using Tantric breathing and other techniques. These were amazingly effective and I was able to prolong my pleasure much longer than usual. When I did reach orgasm, Olivia helped me extend my orgasm and my pleasure.

We spent the remainder of our session in quiet conversation mixed with gentle caresses. I felt completely relaxed, rejuvenated and much better equipped to face the world.

I have enjoyed two more sessions with Olivia since June. Each has been more pleasurable and beneficial than the previous session. I have discovered many things about myself while with Olivia. This is due in part to getting better acquainted and more comfortable with each other but also a function of the rapport that I have developed with Olivia.

If you are fortunate enough to have a session with Olivia, I would strongly encourage you to treat her as a rare treasure. Treat her with the care and respect she deserves and try to learn from her. Be honest with her and cultivate her trust. Your efforts will be well rewarded.
Richard, Vancouver BC
November 2012

Namaste Olivia,  I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for the time we shared yesterday.   Throughout the rest of my day, evening and this morning my mind continues to gravitate towards you. I experienced a plethora of emotion during and after our time together. I found myself to experience fascination while remaining perplexed about some of these elements. My fascination is rooted in how you were able to walk into my sacred place and touch me deep inside. I was also fascinated by the profound window of wisdom you revealed to me through your eyes.. I could never thank you enough for allowing me this glimpse. I believe it was through this window that I experienced the greatest love and respect for you and who you are. I truly believe that you are the most beautiful women on the face of this earth.  After sleeping with these thoughts I woke with the understanding that you are a Goddess, an actual Goddess. I understand that many women must possess Goddess like elements but few women seem to embody them the way you do. I now understand why I immediately came to honor, respect and worship every molecule of your being. I feel so honored and blessed to have spent time with you.  Thank you Olivia ~G

Just a note to thank-you again for the session yesterday! I did not think so much could be accomplished in one session. I wish to convey that anyone who is seriously considering the path of tantric massage and the world of valuables that are hidden in its gardens will have found a true teacher and guide by choosing to utilize your expertise, knowledge and compassion/passion  when navigating the tantric path. What an experience!!! I can not imagine so much success so quickly traveling with anyone else. Blessings until next time. ~ Les

Truly spectacular, your presence has lightened my stress incredibly. The connection, passion and company make me know why I was drawn to you. ~ Jack

Dear Olivia, Thanks again for a tantra experience that far exceeded my greatest expectations and all with such an absolutely gorgeous and lovely young tantrika.  That short three hour session is a cocoon of time that I have relived many times over and never fail to be re-stimulated and energized. Olivia, I felt as though you had reached my very core and was softly and delicately connecting with me on a very intense and deep level.  My only regret is I cannot connect for regular sessions.  Have a wonderful day.  ~Rick

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful session last week.

You really helped me put into focus some of the issues that I talked to you about and I want to express my deepest appreciation to you for the work you do.

I just wanted you to know how very special Monday’s session was for me.  You are truly a beautiful person both outwardly & inwardly.  Your townhouse is a warm & comforting oasis.  Namaste/Love, B

Hi Olivia  Thanks for the best morning that I could imagine.  I look forward to contacting you in the future.

Thank you very much for a very enjoyable session yesterday.

Your skills, personality and beauty got me hooked!

Just so you know. I will be back to see you. I loved your services.

Good Morning Ms Jade, thanks again for your time.

As I said not really being sure what to expect, I was happy I chose to come and see you I had a wonderful experience and cant say enough about your services.

Thanks again

Hi Olivia – Thank you for the wonderful get together (the word ‘session’ sounds just too formal). My neck is feeling much, much better and the rest of my body feels like jello (and that’s a very good thing).

Thanks thanks and thanks again.

I had a wonderful time. I am still on cloud nine.

It was a pleasure meeting you today, I really loved the way you lead me down the simple path of enjoyment.  I was total in your hands and felt awesome. I would like to pursue this with you an hope to see you soon, You are a very warm and sensual person

I was roaming around craigslist, when I stumbled upon your add. And I just felt compelled to say that you’re doing a great job that clients in this area could use more of. I also wanted to complement you for pioneering your skills in such a narrow minded field

Good for you for helping people in such a nice way

Thank you for an absolutely amazing time. You are simply incredible.

Sincerely and gratefully,

I never thanked you properly after our session. As you said, I really felt something deep and released whatever is it that I had.

I would love to see you again.

I wanted to thank you for your very kind and helpful words yesterday. You are a sweetheart, and an amazing woman.

We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience for us both.

We connected with you immediately, from the time you opened the door.

It was a something that we will share for a long time and look forward to connecting

again with you soon.

Dear Olivia,

Well I had my first appointment with you, and I am still thinking about it. To sum it up in a few words “it was everything and more than I expected”….I had a vision in my head based on the reading of your web page and other things I had read about Tantric….and it was almost like you took that vision from my head and made it a reality.

From your beautiful, clean and soothing home to your wonderful hugs and your beautiful body and spirit I was taken away from the everyday….It was amazing and I hope to see you again sometime.

About our session:

Before we had parted ways yesterday you had asked me to put in words my thoughts on our session yesterday (I loved that you had given me a bit of an assignment). So here I will do my best to put these thoughts into words for you.  Please know that the session was amazing and you were amazing and if you want to see me again than I would love to have another session in the future….

Out of the 1000s ads on Craigslist why in the world did I choose you?

I know we talked a bit about this in our first session, but I would still like to put in words why I chose you for as a first experience….

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for….I had been lacking intimacy with a women for awhile but did not want want a full experience. I thought a nice massage would be nice, but found most of the ads were young Asian girls in there late teens or early 20s and I just did not know if they were doing this by choice or were involved in some sort exploitation and I did not want support that cause. I also firmly believe that a young early twenties girl just does not have the life experience to connect with someone on a deeper level….(I work with a couple of lady’s in there early twenties, and although they are attractive I can not really have much of a conversation with them and they feel like teenagers to me…..and I am only 35…)….and the other ads who were not young Asian girls seemed to be almost entirely about how sexy the women and how sexy the massage would be which was fine but I guess I was searching for something a little deeper…..then I came across your add on Jan 14th….and the first few lines from the that ad really hooked me….

….I offer the most exquisite sensual, playful massage. Or you might want to open up about what’s going on with you and feel listened-to. We could learn Tantric practices of expanded bliss, or even explore a hidden fantasy. No matter what, I am here to co-create our divine experience of:

~ Deep Presence

~ Joyful Playfulness

~ Sensuous Connection

~ Nurturing & Pampering

~ Spontaneous Adoration&

~ Ecstatic Awakening to Our Divinity….

These first few lines made me think…finally a lady who offers more than just a sensual massage but offers a spiritual almost therapeutic experience as well….you sounded intelligent which is so rare in these ads that I think maybe you are one of two or three others that show some form of intelligence…..

As I continued to read along I was even more hooked and when you gave a brief description of the sessions…that was it I had to contact you….

I still was not sure if at this point if I wanted to go through with it or not but when I got your wonderful first email which was also well written…guiding me to your website I thought that was very nice….

When I went to your website….and I have to be honest…I am a male so the first thing I saw was that beautiful sexy picture of you (at least I think it is you)…..with nothing but a deep royal blue feather thing cover you up….and I thought that you looked exactly like my dream women….I’m a man…I can say it…I love breasts and from your picture it looked you had heavenly breasts….In a nutshell…your picture turned me on….I did not want some porn star masseuse or a twenty year girl…I wanted some one around my age with life experiences…someone I could relate to on more than just a physical level….

After that last paragraph you may wonder if I even read your website….I did of course every last page, every last sentence….

I have always fantasied about being with a women my age or older who is very nurturing to me (almost motherly)….and caring who would hold me and make me feel warm….and basically from all the reading of your website I felt that you offered an experience like that…it just seemed like you offered an amazing experience…not just sensually but mentally…I was sold…..

Ok, so what about the session?

Well I was so nervous at first…but when you first opened the door and I first laid eyes on you…I was blown away by your beauty….you were everything I imagined….still nervous of course…you gave me a big hug…and gave me reassurance about you understood how hard it is sometimes to meet new people…..I loved that…so nice….

Anyways when I stepped into your home I felt almost right at home…working in Audio Visual….I couldn’t help but notice your large screen TV and all your gear…but I can’t help that….I thought that was pretty cool…of course I love the colours of your place and loved how clean it was….spotless….In general I felt very comfortable…..

I was glad that we talked a bit before heading up….you made me feel at ease and I felt very  comfortable with you….I almost felt like you were a therapist….I never really believed in therapists before as I thought people should be able to deal with problems on there own…..but being able to just talk to someone openly was liberating….and I rather enjoyed it…..

Still a little nervous at taking off my clothes…you put me right at ease….The massage was amazing….the kind words…the long strokes….the body slides all blew me away…..I loved how you helped me with breathing exercises…just amazing….The most erotic moment for me was when you placed my hand on your breast and allow me to feel them…while you caressed my body….Wow I was in heaven then….

When we went on to the prostate part of the Massage you were very kind and reassuring…which was a good thing because this was a first time for me…..and I had no idea what to expect….It was a very enjoyable experience…especially as you coached me to “relax” and “to let me in”….for a man this can be difficult….and for me I believe I will need more practice, because although it was very pleasurable…my mind was making me a little paranoid that I might spray bodily fluids on you….which I know from some readings is extremely rare….so I have to learn to completely let go……and not hold back at all….despite all that….I do believe you got me to a point of bodily ecstasy….and believe I experienced a body orgasm….whatever it was it felt amazing…..and when you held me afterwords…that was so nice and will not forget your caring after that experience….

All in all an amazing experience….and I am glad I had decided to have a longer session with you….as nothing felt rushed….I hope I can have another session with you again…would like to have another long session….even just being hugged by you is amazing….

Anyways it was a beautiful experience…Thank you….and thanks for reading…..


Just a follow up to today. I want to thank you for an amazing few hours. The massage so good, and your touch and to touch you, incredible. It was truly wonderful.

I will remember the breathing and the flow of energy and work to practice every day.

Dear Olivia

I am still reveling in what you presence with me this afternoon! It is truly gratifying .


Thank you again Olivia

Truly wonderful – I am in awe…

Other than myself being a little nervous and overly cautious, I think the session went quite well.    My neck has completely recovered and that has surprised me because in the past, any major relief has only been temporary at best.

The most significant observation is that the details of your post is a very accurate refection of what you offer.    Your location is, by far, the most upscale I have ever encountered.   My first impression………….you appear to be genuine, very professional and honest.   It would be interested in occasional visits next year

if you are ok with myself as a client?

I appreciate your taking the time to see me…

I believe God made beauty for us to acknowledge… you are beautiful.

Her web site lists her as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher Certified Tantric Massage Expert Level II and Educator.

There was a posting a while back from someone describing her session, but they may have given her contact info or something and a few people jumped on it and I believe it was removed as I did a search and came up with nothing.

However one of the last posts in that thread came from MissT saying that she knew Olivia and how credible her massage services were but she did not realize that she had crossed over to the other side of services.

I contacted MissT who shared Olivia’s web site with me, I soon contacted Olivia and set up a session. Hoping to find a gem and I did !

She is located in North Van Lonsdale area. (beautifully decorated Zen like atmosphere, I mention this has it was a sign of attention to detail of her craft) Stared out with a quick chit chat to find out if I had any aches or pains that needed attention, then up to the massage room on a professional table.

I enjoy a great massage but not one that tortures you, Olivia’s long strokes from head to toe and beyond left me in a completely relaxed state, and ready for the build up to come.

Her service was above and beyond your usual finish, her knowledge of pressure points and prostrate play had my entire body ready to explode (which it did!) A hot towel and head massage followed as well as a shower in a well equipped bathroom.

I hesitate to give this review as this is one you want to keep to yourself.

I really needed someone to help me relax and really release a lot of the tension that has been building throughout my body for a while now. I thought a good fuck would help but after a number of those I realized I needed something more.

Did some research on sensual massage and Olivia kept coming up plus other good reviews intrigued me. I was looking for something more than just a rub and a blowjob or just big tits dangling in my face. I wanted someone with professional RMT expertise as well as the ability to release tension with that extra bit of sensuality.

Olivia believes in connecting mind, body and soul with sensual energy for a total experience and she really delivers. I was a little apprehensive as to what all that meant but Olivia led me through it all in a phone discussion before we met. After getting through Olivia’s screening process – she is selective and doesn’t take on many new clients – I had the pleasure of connecting with her via email and phone. She is very easy to talk with, responsive to phone and email messages, professional and super sweet & sensual. Plus an awesome body.

She spends some time up front understanding who you are and what your needs are. Her studio is very clean, comfortable, cozy and made me feel very calm just being there. Soothing music, candles, aromatherapy, soft clean sheets and towels. I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and she really set me at ease. She started me off with a warm shower and a fabulous massage with warm oils and amazing magic hands. Olivia has you focus on your breathing as she massages you all over which really works at relaxation.

I don’t want to go into all the details because I think that is between Olivia and each client but the whole experience was incredible and very intimate – she had my entire body totally relaxed & vibrating in sensual energy which I had never experienced before. Olivia doesn’t offer full service or BJ’s but the overall experience certainly left me feeling more relaxed & satisfied than I have ever felt before. If you are looking for something really special then I would highly recommend Olivia.